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It has become trendy to wear fashionable dresses in evening parties as well as in everyday life. A day out with your friends, a date with a special person or attending a cocktail event is the reason for taking out your favorite dresses from the wardrobe. While selecting dresses for women your main objective is to get compliments. So itís important to choose the dresses that suit your body shape, size, and color. Get a vintage look by following these tips:
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ē Pick denim jacket with your dress - If you are going on a date or if you want a hot look in summer months then donít forget to wear a denim jacket with your dress. The neutral color of denim will give you a stylish and beautiful look. Wearing denim jacket with long dresses will make you look younger. The denim jacket goes with all types of skin color because of its neutral color.
ē Wear leather belts on your waist - If you want a perfect fitting of your dress then you need to tie belts. Belts not only give you the right fitting but also give an attractive look to your long dress. A leather or funky belt will draw attention to your waist and will make jealous to every person standing around you. If you donít want to tie belts donít worry you will still look attractive in slit dresses.
ē Wear your dresses with a pair of sneakers - Many people think that this outfit looks very weird. But the fashion had changed its rule. Nowadays the combination of long dresses with a pair of sneakers has become more descent. This look suits perfectly on you if you donít want to wear heels. You might be afraid to get twisted up by wearing heels but this weird thing will not occur if you carry sneakers.
ē Choose different patterns - Earlier you have worn very generic patterns but today itís time to select different patterns from your wardrobe while attending a cocktail event. Patterns like pole ka dots or dresses having vertical and horizontal lines are getting excellent reviews. These patterns will definitely praise your body when you carry it.
These tips will help you in finding ideal dresses. You can also shop at fashionmia. It is an excellent online clothing store that also contains the stock of cheap women's tops.
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 Different types of Dresses Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

There are so many different types of dresses for women. Women can never have enough piece of clothing in her wardrobe. A dress is a must have. There are so many different types of dresses that are apt for different occasions. Also, there are different types of dresses for different body types. Not all dresses can look good on all figures. Different dress may work for some body type and may not work for some other body type.

Maxi Dress
A maxi dress is a long ankle length dress that is usually loose and flowing at the bottom. You can wear one for to run errands or to hang out with friends or even for date night. The best thing about a maxi dress is that you can do all of that and still feel comfortable. For cold weather, tea it up with a jacket or blazer and ankle boots. And, for summers wear it with nice sandals.

Skater Dress
Skater dresses have been named after the dress worn by figure skaters. These have a fitted upper body and are loose and flowing at the bottom just like the letter A. Skater dresses are as long as the mid thigh. The best thing about a skater dress is that it suits all body type. It flatters the figure and looks extremely stylish. You can team it with tights, boots and a jacket for winters.

An evening dress is a must have because they are apt for all formal function like wedding receptions. These come in a wide range of style, so pick one tat suits your body type. Go for a simple evening dress and accessorize it for an elegant look.

Sheath Dress
If you have an apple shaped body, then a sheath dress will do wonders for you. This dress fits closely to your body and is usually as long as your knees or lower thighs. This dress helps hide a little bit of tummy. When buying a sheath dress, make sure you buy one with is a little long, because sheath dress will make it difficult to hide anything.

Shift Dress
Shift dresses are short and hang from the shoulders. This dress is not body hugging and features straight lines. Shift dresses have become extremely common as office wear. Because a shift dress is loose and straight, it suits all body types. It can easily flatter all the curves and hide the tummy. This dress can be worn all through the year when accessorized properly. For summers, wear the dress with a nice pair of ballerinas or sandals. And for winters, wear the dress under a jacket with tights and boots.

You can buy any of these dresses and women's skater dresses online on FashionMia at pocket friendly prices. In addition to dresses, it also has a wide range of clothing for women.

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 Online Shopping- Make Your Shopping Experience More Interesting Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shopping for women clothing online is the best option because weather you are buying from a big e-store or a custom clothier you will find great bargains.† If you are looking for cheap clothing online and have no starting point or references youíll find it quite intimidating because the list of online stores is endless. How can you judge if what the store is offering a particular piece of clothing on cheap prices? The store may claim to be selling cheap but they may be merely cheap.

Online shopping for a lot of women is like meditating. Whenever youíve had a bad day, thereís nothing that can help de-stress as much as shopping online. But online shopping has a lot of down sides to it. Thereís always the possibility of the fit not being perfect and having to return whatever youíve bought because itís not like any of these e-stores have a dressing room where you can quickly try whatever youíve chosen. By getting a proper measurement of yourself, you can eliminate this problem. Once you have a clear idea regarding which size do you fall in be it small, medium, large etc. itíll be easier for you to shop without fear of returns and exchange. Remember that different stores have different sizes; they do this just to confuse their customers. Once you have your proper measurements the size charts available on the website will be your best friend. It will help you know and trust if large is actually large enough for you.

In addition to this, there are a few online stores that may con you. The dress that gets delivered to your place may be very different from what you chose online. Some stores use bad quality of cloth and claim to have original designs while be selling replicas at high prices. Always be very conscious of which website you choose to shop from. Shop online from stores you have references for or easy enough read up their reviews online. Always compare for prices to get the best deal.

One such trusted store for shopping for womenís clothing online is FashionMia.com. Whether you are headed to the beach or bar or need something casual for the day, it has it all. It has an amazing collection of fashion tops for women, which they update regularly. It is a womenís dream come true with its wide range of cheap clothing for women.

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 How To Draw Attention In A Party Being Plus Size Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Being plus size is not a curse or sin rather they can look equally beautiful and can do and wear each and everything that the skinny women do. So, if you are planning to attend a party and wondering how to look your best to be the centre of attraction, then read on this article to have guidelines on how to dress up being plus size to flatter your body shape.
Go for patterns:
You must have heard that normally plus size women should not go for pattern as it will make them look bigger. But, this concept is completely wrong rather go for the right pattern type and look your best as different patterns are available in the market. It is best to choose the dark color as it will make you look slim. Smaller pattern or else very large pattern is suggested to pick up as medium size pattern will end up making you look larger by highlighting the unwanted area. Fashionmia is an amazing online store that you can check for beautiful dresses for women.
Perfect styles according to your body shape:
Hour-glass: This is the perfect body shape having a correct balance from top to bottom. So, you can go for any kind of stylish dresses irrespective of your plus size figure. For best, look for something that defines the waistline. Various stylish and cheap plus size clothing are easily available in numerous online stores, just have a look at them and you will find out the perfect dress for you.
Pear shape: This body shapes have larger hips so the trick is to hide that portion so that you do not look heavy in the back. A-line skirts style dresses in light flowing fabric will look excellent in this body shape.
Apple shape: Apple shape women have large bust, small hips and undefined waist line. So, what you are advised to do is choose some low neck dresses with V-cut or princess cut while the waistline should be structured such as empire in the waistline is a good idea to choose.
Rectangular shape: If you have wide shoulder and hips while the waist is undefined, this body shape is called as straight or rectangular. So, while all kind of dresses will probably look good in this body shape but try finding out something that defines the waist beautifully by ruching, clinching and using other decorative styles.
So, do not regret for being plus size rather live the life at your fullest by picking up the right dress for you.

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 Want To Be A† Fashion Icon?† Know The Rules Here Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Being a fashion icon is all about representing a distinct personal style and if you have thought that this term is only associated with big celebrities or people who have strong cultural influence then, you are bit wrong as you too can be a fashion icon ensuring you inherit some distinct characteristics that makes you a perfect fashion icon.
Know here some simple rules that will help you stay in focus and you will eventually become the fashion icon to your friends, relatives and colleagues.
Perfect dressing sense:
Perfect clothing is the most important step and you can have great help from various magazines in this purpose. So, make a habit of buying some magazines such as cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle etc. and go through the articles properly while also notice the pictures carefully to know which dress and clothing style is perfect for your body shape.
Fashion icon is all about quality dressing so ensure your wardrobe has a good collection of the stylish dresses. Fashionmia is an amazing online store that you can look up for all kinds of fashion clothing and trendy tops. This store keeps great collection of stylish dresses while those are available at very reasonable rate also. Mix and match is a good idea to bring a very unique look.
Accessories too play an important role in your fashion. So, keep a good collection of accessories that will blend well with your dressing.
To be a fashion icon you need to spend a bit more. One or two pair of shoes is not enough rather you should have some good quality pair of shoes that can complement your dress and clothing perfectly.
Make up is vital to be a fashion icon. You might be thinking that you look good without make-up but just try applying once and you will look 10 times much better. But you should know what shades and color will be perfect for your facial structure and skin tone. You can always take help for this from the expert beautician and then buy some quality cosmetic products that will go for long.
Hair style:
Hair is that part of our body on which the looks depend a lot. So, its the time to visit a parlour. They can suggest you better that which hair style will suit your facial structure best. Also, you should pay attention to the quality of your hair. So, buy a quality shampoo and start taking care of your hair so that you can start receiving that fashion icon complement soon.

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 Sexy Plus Size Clothing Tips: How to Look Like a Diva? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Have you been planning to go out on a special night but confused about what to wear? The plus size women might find several options to wear, but finding that perfect sexy plus size clothing that flatters is the catch. Choosing the right sexy dress on a special night will not only flatter your figure but will also make you look more appealing. We bring to you some of the fashion tips to look the best on your special night:

  • Look for a Dress that Creates a Waist: An hourglass silhouette is something every girl wishes for. For those on the plus size, you could opt for a dress which creates a waist just right below the bust line. It would accentuate your figure to look less plump and curvy. For the plus-size women, the dresses like bodycon or flare dresses which taper to the knee could be the most flattering option.
  • Opt for Fitting Dresses: Dresses that are too open or big could actually make your look more on the plump and sloppy side. Therefore, it is best recommended to go for a dress that best fits your body structure rather than the big or even the smaller ones.
  • Pick Your Comfort: Fashion is all about carrying off anything with style, but with high comfort. The long maxi dresses could be the perfect and the most comfortable piece of clothing for the plus-size women. You must make sure that the dress you choose must accentuate your vibes and should compliment your curves in a sexy manner.
  • Amplify Your Assets: You can analyze the particular feature that you would like to emphasize. It could be your sexy toned legs, deadly curves, or killer cleavage. For many plus-size women, the problem is the excess fat at some places while the other parts of the body being actually appealing. Hence, it is important to be aware of oneís assets and to flaunt them at the right time and at the right place.
  • Choose Quality: Even for plus-size dresses, you must go for the ones which are of the high-quality fabric as they will emanate your sense of dressing in the perfect manner. For those on the heavier side, the flowing fabric that drapes around the curves work best and enhance the overall fashion sense of the woman.

Conclusion: Wish to look the best on your date night? Worried about your plus-size figure? Visit Fashionmia and pick up the dress of your choice.

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